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All the courses meet the requirements of Bologna Process including the allocation of credits according to the all academic load (class hours for lessons, examination, projects, papers etc.) of the courses.General requirements of the qualificationsare as follows;

A full time academic semester of all level of studies consist of 30 ECTS.

First Cycle (Bachelor’s Degree) requires 4 academic years , 8 semesters 240 ECTS

Second Cycle (Master Degree) requires 2 academic years, 4 semesters 120 ECTS

Grading scheme and grades:

The final grade is determined as an average of the midterm an d the final exams. The midterm and the final exams contribute 30 % and %70 to the final grade, respectively. A final grade of minimum 60 is to be considered successful in a course. Final grades are converted to the letter gardes according to the given below.

Single Letter GradeDouble Letter Grade Coefficient GradeEvaluation

A-AA 4,00     90-100 Excellent

A-BA 3,50       85-89 Very Good

B-BB 3,00     80-84   Good

B-CB 2,50       70-79 Satisfactory

C-CC 2,00     60-69   Sufficient

C-DC 1,50      55-59  Conditional Pass

D-DD 1,00   45-54   Fail

F-FF 0,00      Under 45

E-FE 00         DZ Not Attended

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