Güncelleme Tarihi: 10 Haziran 2022

Gösterim: 508

IBB Veri Lab. ve Zemin İstanbul - Sector Visit Was Held

30 students from the Department of Management Information Systems, accompanied by Res. Asst. Cemal YÜKSEL, visited the sector at IBB Data Laboratory and Zemin Istanbul in Istanbul.

Our students in the Management Information Systems Community have gained advantages in terms of networking by working with people working in various departments in the sector and have talked about sponsorship for the projects they have designed.

During the sector visit, a seminar on the Business Canvas Model was also held by Ali KÜÇÜKER, the coordinator of the IBB Data Laboratory, and our students learned the paths to follow when they designed a project related to entrepreneurship. At the same time, the students, who received information about the projects realized so far by Zemin Istanbul and IBB Data Laboratory, exchanged information about cooperating on various projects in the future.